2007-10-03 / Crime & Courts

Raymondville Police Blotter

OCTOBER 1 - Incident, Retama Manor Nursing Home, 1700 blk S. Exp. 77.

Theft of service, 1000 blk W. Hidalgo.

Aggravated assault with a motor vehicle, 9th and Petra.

Execution of warrant, arrested: Enrique Sanchez.

Arrested: 1 male juvenile, AOA execution of warrant, 700 blk E. San Francisco.

Assault causing bodily injury, 100 blk E. Turner.

Arrested: Ricardo Trevino, execution of warrant, 400 blk W. Sonora.

Arrested: Maribel Rodriguez, assault by contact (FV), 400 blk N. 11th.

SEPTEMBER 30 - Assault by threat, 400 blk W. Hidalgo.

Arrested: Arnold Quintero, Jr., false statment to police officer, 500 blk W. Hidalgo.

SEPTEMBER 29 - Lost property, 300 blk N. 7th.

Assault by contact, 200 blk N. 2nd.

Assault by threat, 400 blk E. Holloway.

SEPTEMBER 28 - Accident, Rodeo and S. 16th.

Lost property, 100 blk E. FM 3168.

Burglary of a habitation, 300 blk W. Yturria.

Child custody, 300 blk W. Tampico.

Criminal mischief, over $50, under $500, 200 blk E. Durham.

Criminal mischief, over $500, nder $1,500, 900 blk E. Hidalgo.

SEPTEMBER 27 - Found property, 100 blk S. 1st.

Burglary of building, 700 blk W. White.

Theft, 300 blk W. Hidalgo.

Arrested: George Rodriguez, assault by contact, possession of marijuana, execution of warrant, 400 blk N. 5th.

Dog bite, 5th and Yturria.

Theft, over $50, under $500, 800 blk N. 4th.

SEPTEMBER 26 - Burglary of a building, 300 blk W. Hidalgo.

Arrested: Guadalupe Sanchez, theft by possession, over $1,500, under $20,000, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of controlled substance. Arrested: Raul Salinas, theft by possession, over $1,500, under $20,000, possession of controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, 300 blk W. Hidalgo.

SEPTEMBER 25 - Burglary of building, Raymondville Golf Course, 1 mi. S. Bus. 77.

Lost property, 200 blk E. Raymond.

Burglary of habitation, 700 blk S. 6th.

Theft, over $50, under $500, 400 blk W. Riggs.

Unattended death, 300 blk E. McCain.

Theft, over $50, under $500, 700 blk W. Gem.

Incident, male subject, refusing to exit ambulance, 600 blk W. Hidalgo.

Arrested: Manuel Sanchez, public intoxication, 200 blk S. 6th.

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