2007-10-10 / Editorial & Columns

Behind the Badge

Watching over our children
By Larry G. Spence

Unless you've been in a cave somewhere the past few years, you've had to take notice of the way our young people are living their lives. Except for a few rare exceptions, they appear to be headed for hell in a handbasket. Let me ask you, when was the last time you noticed an anti-drug commercial on TV? What happened with our attitude towards drug use? Is it OK now to use and abuse alcohol and drugs? It seems so. Our schools are having problems with drugs, gangs, and attitudes of our young. When did we stop caring?

I'm sure you all remember the old commercial, "this is a drug, this is your brain on drugs." We were bombarded with commercials, slogans, programs, speakers, all promoting the antidrug message. We had conferences that we sent our youngsters to in order to brink back new ideas to our schools and communities. Now it seems like everybody just gave up. I believe the problem is even larger now that it ever was ten years ago. Where are the warnings now? We're still losing our children to the age old problem. Now we have children raising children and sometimes mommy and daddy are bigger abusers of drugs than son and daughter.

Being a parent is more than just making babies. There are serious responsibilities that go with parenting. You are molding the lives of our future by how you live today. Our children are going to have voices in their ears growing up. We, as parents, need to make sure that we are one of those voices they are hearing. Not the TV, radio, internet, but real people, parents shaping the future of our children ourselves and not leaving it up to the media, movie or sports stars, gangs, or the music. It has to be a strong voice they hear, but a voice of compassion and love, yet a lot of good old common sense and wisdom.

We need good role models for our children to follow. Those role models they are patterning their lives after now leave a lot to be desired. Most of the time we have to look no further than our own family, our own neighborhood, and we can find several examples to follow. All I know is there has to be a major change in our attitudes and it has to happen soon. Not only with our children, but with us adults as well.

We've already lost a generation of our young people to nonsense. Now they are the parents of another generation, passing on the same nonsense. It's time to clean up our act and we do that by starting in our own homes, our city, our state, and then finally, our country. By all of us working towards the same goals, we can make sure our future is secure in the hands following in our footsteps. And don't forget to pray, it does make a difference.

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