2008-09-03 / Editorial & Columns

Behind the Badge

Gustav - Overreaction or answered prayer?
By Larry G. Spence

Gustav has come and gone and already the second guessing has started by the media and the public. Why did they tell us that it was going to be so dangerous when it was only a weak Category 1 when it hit landfall? Hurricanes are sometimes easy to track, but most of the time they are very unpredictable. Sometimes they gain strength as they enter the gulf, other times they remain the same or lose power. There are a lot of different things that have to be factored in, so they don't really know for sure until it happens.

Because of Katrina, people were more willing to cooperate and evacuate when the decision was made. So far the only loss of life I've heard has been from traffic fatalities. Over 1,600 people perished during Katrina. I would think the people of Louisiana would be very pleased with the outcome of this most recent hurricane scare, instead of complaining they had to leave town needlessly. Each hurricane should be treated as if it were a Category 3 or 4. If we get too complacent then that's when we get hurt the most.

Even though we have started the month of September, we are really just in the beginning of hurricane season. We don't know what size storms are in our future, already there are two named storms out there approaching, and I'm sure there will be more, we just need to stay prepared. We need to stay prepared for whatever storms of life may come our way. I believe that part of the reason Gustav lost it's power and the loss of lives and property was kept to a minimum is because of the prayers of so many people. Knowing what happened during Katrina in 2005, not only were people more physically prepared, but I believe they were more spiritually prepared as well. There were a lot of prayers on behalf of the people of Louisiana and I know from personal experience that prayer makes a difference.

For the next two months, maybe longer we will experience the storms of nature, some of us will experience the storms of life, trials and tribulations that may come our way. We need to stay strong, keep doing what we know we should do when these problems arise, remember what we've been educated to do, and how we've been trained to prepare, and then do it without complaining. As far as the spiritual side, keep the prayers coming for our Country, our State, and our Nation.

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