2008-09-03 / Front Page

Willacy commissioners approve payment for county bridge replacements

More time for housing board nominations requested

Willacy County residents will see bridges replaced on County Roads 100, 105 and 140 as part of a project to replace off-system bridges. Commissioners approved a $73,000 payment to the state on Friday.

Precinct 4 Commissioner Aurelio "Keeter" Guerra said the bridges are in precincts one and four.

"The county would fund 10 percent of the cost to replace the bridges," Guerra said. "TXDOT is requesting part of the payment now."

It will be 2009 before any road and bridge work will start.

In an earlier session on Friday, commissioners moved to allot more time to fill two va- cancies on the Willacy County Housing Board.

"We need more time for candidates," Guerra said. "I only have one candidate, and Junior Vera is not here - He may know of some."

Fellow commissioners A.J. Cantu and Eddie Chapa agreed with Guerra that more time is necessary for nominations.

One vacancy is former board member Kim Rains, who was appointed to be the acting director, and the other vacancy could be a tenant board member.

Rains, who was at Friday's meeting, said the new board members need to be appointed as soon as possible.

"We have important business like the budget and new procedures that need to be implemented and approved," Rains said. "The housing authority is in its' third year of criticality," referring to unresolved issues of concern to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which provides federal funding.

"HUD said the next move would be to take the district over," she added. "We're considered a troubled agency by HUD. I can't elaborate anymore than that."

Interested county residents should contact their respective commissioner to be considered for a board member position.

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