2008-11-19 / Editorial & Columns

Behind the Badge

The Logic of The Golden Rule
By Larry G. Spence

One of the earliest truths we were taught as kids was the "golden rule." We memorized it, it was printed on our rulers and pencils and we were expected to make it a everyday part of our life. There is so much power in this principle, peace of mind, freedom from guilt, happiness, success and much more. It helps even in building relationships with others.

How would our lives be if we just truly understood the logic behind the golden rule and then put it into use with all whom we come in contact. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." This small statement appears in one form or another in just about every philosophy and religion known to man. Just think how things and relationships would be if we would just treat others well, because we would want to be treated the same way by them.

Just stop to think about it for a minute or so. Remember how unkind words hurt and cut through you? Then you should remember to refrain from using unkind words towards others. Are you crushed when someone shouts at you? If so, then don't shout at others. Be careful of any criticism you may have regarding someone and make sure it is justified and preferably constructive if you must say something. Be honest with others even if it hurts, deception and dishonesty will only make you feel and look foolish.

Have others ever made you feel lonely, insecure, or unwanted? It's a terrible feeling, so always make a conscious effort to make others feel wanted and appreciated. You may not see too many instant results when practicing the "golden rule," but you will most definitely see some long-range results and rewards. The "golden rule" is not just something to memorize and recite in school or Sunday school, it's a principle that we must use in our everyday lives in order to survive. This principle I'm told is stated in one form or another in over 100 languages, so it must be very vital and important to us in order for us to get along better with our fellow men and women. So in closing I encourage you to not only learn and repeat the "golden rule," but to try your best to live it as well.

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