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Behind the Badge

Christmas, more than just a day or season
By Larry G. Spence

I believe Christmas is more than just a day or a season, It should be more like a condition in our heart and mind. First of all we need to remember that Christmas is a holy time of year. It's a time when "God walked down the stairs of heaven with a baby in His arms." We need to remember that although Christ was born in the first century, He belongs to all time. He was born a Jew, but He belongs to all races. He was born in a town named Bethlehem, but He belongs to all countries.

We marvel at the trimmings of Christmas, at the decorations, the lights and trees. We read the cards and notice the wrappings that cover the gifts. We listen to music that sings about the birth of the Christ child, and the things associated with the holiday, even Grandma getting run over by a reindeer. There is a different spirit so to speak around this time of year, a spirit that should be within us throughout the year. Maybe it would help to eliminate some of the problems and strife and troubles that hamper us throughout the year if we just kept the Christmas spirit all year long.

At Christmas there seems to be more love offered and received than at other times of the year. People are more friendly towards each other at Christmas than during the hot summer months. Yet, even though our individual and family customs may differ at Christmastime, we all have one thing in common , the true reason behind the season, the Christ child. We need to take the Christmas spirit and carry it with us throughout the year, because if you don't have Christmas in your heart, you'll never find it under a tree. So, in closing this week, just remember the true meaning of Christmas is there for all who wish to find it, but then so is Christ.

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