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Behind the Badge

Yankees to watch World Series on TV
By Larry G. Spence

Just in case you haven’t been keeping up with the baseball season, which seems to get longer each year, the Yankees will be watching the World Series on TV this year. To those New York fans who wear the crazy New York hats sideways, wear Yankee shirts, pajamas and underwear like my friend Chago used to, well, there’s always next year. For now though, we need to get behind the Texas Rangers and hope they run the San Francisco Giants out into the bay. After all, it’s not as if the college and pro football teams are giving us much to cheer about. OK, I’ll wipe this silly grin off my face that appears every time the Yankees lose and get back to business.

There’s an election going on and there are some important races that need to be decided come November 2nd. I urge each of you to get out and vote, study the candidates, their platforms, and then make a choice of who you think is best for the position. Don’t vote names, faces, political party, or other reasons, vote qualifications. Ask yourself and then ask the person if you can, “Why are you running? Is it to better the community, state, nation, or is it to get your foot in the door to better yourself? Some candidates have a platform while others have an agenda. Study the qualifications and then vote. You can’t complain later if you didn’t vote in the first place. You want people in office that have your best interest at heart, not their own.

A lot of the local races are uncontested during the general election because the candidate won the primary and there is no opponent. However, there are some contested at various levels in government so let’s make sure we all get out and vote. It’s not a right, but a privilege that we live in a country that allows us to elect our leaders, so let’s do our part and vote.

Changing the subject one last time this week, I had the pleasure of attending with my wife, Vicenta, the annual “Praise on the Hill” held over the weekend at the Harlingen Soccer Complex. It was quite an awesome event and was very well attended. I haven’t seen so many cars in one place for a long time. Crowd estimates ranged from 5,000 to 11,000 men, women and children. Christian music was provided by several musical groups from area churches, plus the two headliners. Men, women and children of all ages enjoyed the 4-5 hour event, and many are already looking forward to next year’s “Praise on the Hill.” Make it a point to attend, you’ll be blessed.

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