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Be My Valentine
By Larry G. Spence

Today, as I write this week's column it is Valentine's Day. Without going into a history of the day, I just want to share some memories, thoughts, and opinions concerning that four letter word tied to Valentine's Day, the word love. I remember as a kid in grade school buying valentine cards for each of our classmates and each student had a little sack with their name on it and you would put valentine cards in everybody's sack, but you saved the best ones for those you liked the most. Teachers usually made sure everybody received some valentines, but you always worried that your sack might be empty.

As we got older somehow the word love became involved in our lives, not only on Valentine's Day, but during the rest of the year as well. The word is tossed around as a teenager, rarely real, but sometimes real, but mostly it ends up being "puppy love." The term loves then starts getting in our conversations concerning just about anything and everything, from clothes, pets, cars, sports, possessions, and yes, people. So what is love all about? Let's share a few thoughts and see in any of them strike home with you this week.

Love never asks, "What can I get?" It asks, "What can 1 give?" Love is more than a sentimental feeling-it's putting another's welfare ahead of your own." Love is not based on a person's intelligence or their state in life, but rather on the size of their heart. Love does not keep a ledger of the failures and sins of another. You see God measures how much we love Him, by how much we love others. When God measures a man, he puts the tape around his heart, not his head. Love can be a wonderful thing, but a love that will not bear all, care for all, or share all, is not really love at all.

I think as humans we are made to run on love and we do not function well on anything else. We can see the results before us today of how lives, a country, a world is run when there is no love. Faults are thick, when love is thin. Personally, I don't think anyone can really live until they learn how to love. This is a message for everyday and not just on special days like Valentine's Day. Our whole world would be a much better and much safe place if we all did things in love, and loved our neighbors as we love ourselves. I hope you agree, and I hope that if you haven't, you would put love into practice in your daily activities from this day forward. I hope the ladies got all the special gifts they deserve on this day, and this week "Share His love," and share yours as well. Until next time, stay safe and stay blessed!

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