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Behind the Badge

If you have plans for tomorrow, drive safely today
By Larry G. Spence

There are a couple reasons I thought it was time to refresh our memory concerning driving safely. First of all, the weather we've been having lately has given us cause for concern. The rains late last week were responsible for several accidents, and the results from all that water, left great potential for even more. Driving in a downpour is always dangerous, and a good reason to slow down, watch for standing water on the highway, and other obstacles that appear rather suddenly.

From what I witnessed, and from past experience, these issues didn't seem to slow traffic down any. I know in one multi-vehicle accident officers were posted about a mile apart leading up to the accident with their overheads on, but it didn't seem to slow down the flow of traffic at all. Trucks were travelling their normal speed and the smaller vehicles were close behind as if there wasn't any problem. Another issue was early spring breakers headed to South Padre Island, and usually they have one thing in mind, and that is, get to the Island as quickly as possible. Actually we were lucky we didn't experience more accidents than we did.

It's always better to be patient on the road, than end up a patient in the hospital. On days like we had last week, it's an accident if you can get anywhere without having an acci- dent. You should only be on the road if you absolutely have to be travelling. Otherwise stay home until the weather and roads clear up, and it's safe to travel. Local and state police officers are usually out more during this time of year, and tickets can get very costly. Radar spelled backwards is radar and that means they get you coming and going. Slow down. Drive so that your license will expire before you do.

Spring break is supposed to be a break from the stress you have been enduring in school, at work, or just a time to get away and have some fun. That fun can turn into sorrow very quickly if we don't prepare ourselves each time we get behind the wheel of a vehicle and prepare to drive. It doesn't matter whether it's a long trip or a short one. Remember a majority of the accidents happen within 25 miles of home. (There's the old story about the father who heard that quote so he decided to move.) We need to think defensively anytime we get behind the wheel of our vehicle and especially be alert for the others drivers. So please drive carefully, good weather or bad, and remember, it's not only cars that can be recalled by their Maker. Have a great week, a safe Spring break, and in the meantime, stay safe and stay blessed!

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