2017-05-17 / Crime & Courts


MAY 15- Theft, over $100, under $750, 800 blk E. Wood.

Incident: grass fire, 400 blk W. Sonora.

Arrested: Janette Contreras, assault causing bodily injury, execution of warrant x3, violate promise to appear, no operator/ driver’s license, failed to signal turn, 1600 blk S. 10th.

Arrested: Eduardo Chavez, Jr., execution of warrants, assault causing bodily injury, asasult by contact, 1600 blk Buffalo Dr.

Arrested: Estrella Cavazos, public intoxication, resisting arrest search or transport, criminal mischief, over $100, under $750, 1200 blk N. 2nd.

MAY 14 - Accident, 800 blk W. San Francisco.

Accident, 100 blk S. 7th.

MAY 13- Assault by threat, 500 blk W. Riggs.

Criminal trespass, 100 blk S. Exp. 77.

Graffiti, 400 blk W. Rodriguez.

Illegal dumping, 100 blk E. Raymond.

Assault causing severe bodily injury, 200 blk N. 11th.

Incident: criminal trespass, warning given, 400 blk E. Gem.

Arrested: Ray Matthew Mendez, execution of warrant, theft, under $100, 700 blk N. 9th.

Arrested: George Perez, tamper/fabricated physical evidence w/intent to impair, possession of marijuana, <=2 oz. drug free zone, 800 blk W. Durango.

MAY 12 - Execution of warrant, 13000 blk E. 2nd St., payment agreement.

Victim’s statement, 500 blk W. Harris.

Incident: broken window, 500 blk E. Hidalgo.

Incident: lost property, 700 blk W. Hidalgo.

Criminal trespass, notice issued, 200 blk E. Hidalgo.

Assault causing bodily injury, date/family/house, 700 blk W. White.

Assault causing bodily injury, FV, obstruction, 800 blk N. 6th.

Accident, 900 blk E. Hidalgo.

Arrested: Jose Antonio Tindall, public intoxication, 300 blk N. 6th.

Arrested: Rocky Guajardo, driving while intoxicated, possession of marijuana, 100 blk S. 7th.

MAY 11 - Arrested: Carlos Martinez, III, execution of warrant x4, violate promise to appear, no valid driver’s license, disregarded stop sign, 1200 blk N. 3rd.

Follow up, 400 blk W. Hidalgo.

Arrested: Daniel Telles, Jr., execution of warrant x2, unlawful disclosure or promotion of intimate visual material (revenge porn), stalking, 6th and Raymond.

Arrested: Oralia Saldivar, execution of warrant x5, curfew, no valid driver’s license, 400 blk W. Yturria.

Criminal mischief, over $100, under $750, 500 blk W. Hidalgo.

Arrested: Jesse Saldivar, possession of marijuana, 400 blk S. 7th.

Incident: impounded vehicle, 900 blk W. Gem.

MAY 10 - Disorderly conduct by loud and profane language, 1100 blk E. Hidalgo.

Arrested: Adrian Moncevaiz, Jr., posession of controlled substance 3<28g, possession of marijuana <2 oz., 300 blk E. Charles.

MAY 9 - Illegal dumping, 500 blk S. 14th.

Arrested: Ricardo Soto, execution of warrant, possession of drug paraphernalia, 800 blk W. Rockey, payment agreement.

Arrested: Luis Albert Contreras, execution of warrant, no valid driver’s license, parked facing traffic, 400 blk W. Lopez.

Assisting other agency, execution of warrant, aggravated assault w/deadly weapon, FV, transferred to WCSO.

Missing runaway, 700 blk E. Gem.

Incident, 500 blk W. San Francisco.

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