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New apartments unique single units


Casitas Los Olmos. Casitas Los Olmos. Families are moving in at Casitas Los Olmos, an 80-unit apartment complex on Raymondville’s south edge near Raymondville High School.

“We have 28 fully occupied and nine are in the (leasing) process,” said Elizabeth Rodriguez, community manager at the development. I think now that school’s starting we’re getting more applications coming in.”

One tenant, Joseph Wisnow, who is retired from 45 years of working the air conditioning and heating business.

He moved to Casitas Los Olmos from a senior center in Harlingen.

“I moved out of there, too many nosey people,” chuckling as he described the senior center. “I keep to myself.”

“This is a lot better,” he said. “This is nice, nice and quiet. Even the kids are quiet. I get up when I want to get up.”

His rent is only $418 a month, Wisnow said. Casitas Los Olmos is a better place for him, Wisnow said.

The only feature it doesn’t have is a swimming pool, he said. “ I don’t care about a pool.”

Casitas Los Olmos is much more desirable because each apartment is a separate building so he doesn't have to hear neighbors talking through walls or walking above as in a traditional multi-floor apartment building.

Tenant families have to be qualified and meet Income restrictions and background checks, Rodriguez said. “Families and disabled persons from Raymondville and the surrounding area may apply,” she said. Rental rates are determined by the total income of each household, she said.

Maximum monthly income for one person is $23,160; two people, $26,520; three people, $29,820; four people, $33,120; five people, $35,760; and six people, $38,400.

Maximum capacity for the largest apartments is eight people, with two to a bedroom, she said.

Rental rates are as low as $222 a month.

Each unit is a separate one- family home. One, two, three and four-bedroom homes are available, Rodriguez said. Washer and dryer connections are located in home. There is a no-pet policy.

Kitchen appliances are furnished. A community room, a business center, a washer-dryer facility, barbecue grills, a playground and resident services are included.

“Some construction is still being finished up,” Rodriguez said. “Hopefully, by the end of the month, we’ll be at 50 percent capacity.”

Equipment for the barbecue area and for the washer and dryer area hasn’t all been delivered yet, she said. I know they really want to use the barbecue area, she said.

A tenant named Ruby, who did not wish to be identified, said she is from Lyford. She and her two children were living with friends and really happy to have their own apartment, she said.

She expects there will be more noise next month. Ruby said. When school opens, there will be a lot of cars and activity across the road at the high school and other Raymondville ISD facilities, she said.

My kids will be in school, but they will go to Lyford, she said.

She likes her surroundings at Casitas Los Olmos, with everything brand new. Ruby said.

“It will be better here with more people,” she said, learning that more apartments will be occupied in the coming months. But she likes the individual homes, with space between, not having to hear noise coming through walls or from floors above or below, she said.

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