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Time-An hour lost is never found
By Larry G. Spence

When we are young and have our whole life ahead of us, we think we have all the time in the world to do whatever we feel like doing. As we get older, time gets faster. Before you know time is off and running, and we sit and wonder where it went. As I paused to write this column for next week's paper I noticed on my calendar that there were only 114 days left in 2017. Where did the year go? Time has been flying by again.

I know some students are saying as they start their new school year, "Where did the summer go?" "Didn't we just get out for summer vacation?" Time doesn't stand still for anyone, those precious minutes and days keep ticking away whether we realize it or not. I t seems the longer we live, the quicker we can live a year, it's been said, "The only glass that can't be refilled is the hourglass." We shall never have any more time. We have, and we have always had, all the time there is. Our time is just a little chunk of eternity that God has given us to hopefully use it wisely.

Probably, the majority of the people who read this column, including the one writing it, have more time behind us than we have ahead of us. Therefore, we should use the time that is gifted to us in the wisest manner possible. There is a portion of the military tribute we do at the veterans funeral at the graveside that says," but we cannot help but be reminded of the frailty of the human life and the tenure by which hold our own, for in such an hour as we think not, that final summons may come, which no one dis- obeys, so let us think of this for a moment, and then let us pledge ourselves to the service to one another,' then it continues on with the tribute, but the point is clearly made, time, is not "always on our side, as the song says." in the Bible, the book of Ecclesiastes, chapter 3 tells us about the mystery of time. It says there is a time for everything under heaven, " a time to be born, a time to die," and the next eight verses gives a time for different things throughout our lives.

Ordinary people plan how they should " spend" their time, while a smarter person tries to "use" theirs. Counting time is not as important as making time count.

When you come right down to it, time is probably the most valuable thing a person spends. Don't waste the time given you and please don't let time pass you by. To sum it all up, I guess we can say that the greatest use of time would be to spend it for something that would outlast it. Have a great week, stay safe and stay blessed!

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