2017-10-11 / Editorial & Columns

Behind the Badge

Making your world a better place
By Larry G. Spence

I don't know if you're like me or not, but I hardly turn on the news anymore, there is just so much negative stuff on not only the news, but on regular programming as well. So I get into a book or magazine, listen to music, or just set back and give thanks for all my blessings. We don't do that enough these days, we seem to think we deserve each day and the blessing within it, we don't stop to realize, they are a gift, and we need to use them to be a blessing to others. Others can be family, friends, coworkers or even strangers you meet along the way. Everyone could use a smile and a word of encouragement from time to time.

I've run across something on line called FaithPotMust- See, which consists of short videos of songs, or segments of different positive things that will bless you. It could be a military veteran surprising his wife or kids after being away for a year or two fighting the war. It could be something with children, who are always funny and cute, and so innocent we can surely learn something from them. I must warn you , many of the segments are real tear jerkers, so if your eyes leak like mine do when I witness topics like this, you might want to have a box of tissues nearby, just in case. These are positive things that are shown, yet they still give us the message that everyone needs a kind word, some encouragement, a pat on the back or just a smile. These things tend to have a ripple effect. They spread like wildfire, and this kind of wildfire is a good thing.

Just the simple things, the simple life, and caring about each other. Isn't that what we are supposed to be doing in the first place? Can you imagine how your day would be if everybody spread a little cheer instead of hate, gloom and despair. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone tried to be a little more human, than robotic, just going through the motions every day, the same old routine? Take a break, stop and smell the roses, look around you, there is someone there close by that could be blessed by a smile, a kind word, a special effort on your part that will make their day. Try it, it's catching. You might find you enjoy it, and then like the rock thrown into the water, the ripple effect will carry it on and on to everything and everyone it touches. I've lost two friends in two weeks, I needed those special video segments today and a smile and a hug if you have one. It takes less muscles to smile than to frown, so smile more often, make everyone wonder what you've been up to. In closing, I have a procedure that needs to be done next Monday, would welcome your prayers. In the meantime, remember to stay safe and stay blessed!

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