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Behind the Badge

Just thinking!
By Larry G. Spence

Since last November it seems like every month has been a very busy month, and it appears that March is not going to be any different, and it's just starting. Why the change in our work load is unknown. At first you attribute it to the holidays, but then after the holidays it just continued, up into March. Maybe it's the mood of the nation, unrest, civil disobedience, or maybe just a sign of the end times, (which sounds more likely). When I have some downtime I think about the things that are going on and questions come to mind. Question like," Why do people think about taking the life of another?"

Now that's one we can talk all night on, but I think because of the violence on TV, in the movies, and in the music, and now even in the video games our young people play, it's almost like a game. You kill someone in one game and then you see him or her again in another. You see them killed on TV or in the movies, but then in a short matter of time, we see them back on another movie or TV show. There is no realization that if you kill someone in real life, there is no coming back, it is final.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. The stuff we watch is bad enough, but to allow our young kids to have their minds opened to such violence is really bad for them. Another question! "Why would you want to break into some- one else's property and steal things that they worked long and hard to purchase?" What kind of person thinks like that?" They have it, I don't, so I will just take theirs! Yet another question. "What kind of person sells illegal drugs to another, knowing the person could die, or eventually become addicted to the drug?" Would you want someone doing that to a member of your family?"

"What causes a person, to think it's cool to follow in the footsteps of a father, mother, who is involved in a life of criminal acts and has gone to prison? You would think they wouldn't want any part of that kind of lifestyle, after what happened to their parent. But, sadly, it happens all the time. It's a general curse and it needs to be broken. This list as you well could imagine, cold go on forever. You start adding porn, human trafficking, sexual assault of an innocent child? How did we allow ourselves to get so far away from what is right? It's a sick world out there and it needs a healing. What are you going to do about it? You can save an animal or a tree, but where's the outcry in the abuse of young children, and the taking of innocent lives We all need to step up, and speak out. Our society is on a downward spiral that may be too hard to stop. Won't you help? This is your community also. Until next time, be safe and be blessed!

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