2018-04-11 / Crime & Courts


APRIL 10 - Damaged window, 500 blk S. 3rd.

Theft, over $100, under $750, 500 blk N. 7th.

Retaliation, 300 blk N. 7th.

Arrested: David Amaya, possession of controlled substance, 800 blk E. Gem.

APRIL 8 - Accident minor, 10th and Hidalgo.

Interference with child custody, 400 blk W. Sonora.

Aggravated assault w/deadly weapon, terroristic threat, criminal mischief, over $100, under $750, 800 blk S. Washington.

APRIL 7 - Violation of protective order, 700 blk E. Norman.

Accident (minor), 600 blk W. Wood.

Unauthorized use of motor vehicle, failure to identify, 400 blk S. Exp. 77.

APRIL 6 - Incident child welfare, 13000 blk E. Emma Ross.

Arrested: Ana Lisa Rodriguez, criminal mischief, over $100, under $750.

Arrested: Karla Joanna Ordonez, assault causing bodily injury, criminal mischief, over $100, under $750, 300 blk N. 7th.

Child custody, 1100 blk N. 1st.

APRIL 5 - Burglary of habitation, recovered property, 100 blk E. Holloway.

Photographs, 200 blk S. King.

Violation of protective order, 700 blk E. Norman.

APRIL 4 - Overdose, 400 blk E. Charles.

Found property, 500 blk W. Hidalgo.

Violation of protective order, terroristic threat, family violence, 900 blk W. Tampico.

Assault causing bodily injury, 500 blk W. Riggs.

APRIL 3 - Sexual assault, 200 blk S. King.

Theft, under $100, 300 blk W. Yturria.

Terroristic threat, driving while intoxicated, open container, violate promise to appear, 13000 blk Emma Ross.

Credit card or debit card abuse, 1600 blk S. Buffalo.

Arrested: George Mendoza, driving while intoxicated, drag racing, acceleration contest, etc.

Arrested: Guadalupe Ramirez, drag racing, acceleration contest, etc., 1100 blk E. Hidalgo.

Criminal mischief, over $100, under $750, violation of protective order, 800 blk N. Huisache.

APRIL 2 - Harassment, 600 blk E. Gem.

Welfare child custody, 100 blk FM 3168.

Sexual assault, 200 blk S. King.

Assault causing bodily injury, FV, interfering with emergency requesting assistance, 700 blk W. Kimball.

Terroristic threat, 300 blk W. Gem.

Theft, over $100, under $750, 700 blk W. Hidalgo.

Welfare concern, 1000 blk S. 10th.

Arrested: Dorothy Cantu, assault causing bodily injury, FV, 300 blk S. 16th.

Theft, over $100, under $750, 400 blk E. Rodriguez.

MARCH 29 - Incident possible sexual assault, 100 blk FM 3168.

Lost property, 400 blk E. Petra.

Assault causing bodily injury, 200 blk S. 7th.

Assault causing bodily injury, 200 blk S. 7th.

Theft, 500 blk W. Raymond.

Threats, 700 blk E. San Francisco.

Criminal mischief, over $100, under $750, 300 blk W. Yturria.

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