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The happiest place should be the home
By Larry G. Spence

It's been said that the home is the sweetest type of heaven. No matter who you are or what you do, king or peasant, the happiest place should still be the home. The good thing about homes is that a small house will hold as much happiness as a mansion. Everybody should have a home to go home to. The man who has houses everywhere, has a home nowhere. Home is where you go after work. Home is where you return to, after being away for some time. Home is where you feel safe, relaxed and blessed. At least that's the way it should be.

I've been in this business for almost 53 years now and I know better than many that not all places where families reside can be called a home. Sadly, some are residences when people live and exist, but home is not. It doesn't always have to be that way. I've seen people make a home out of one or two rooms. There is love there. They are caring parents there, brothers and sisters, a thing called family. The words family and home should go together. You may have moved around a lot, but you've always had a home. Others may have lived in one place all their lives and so that definitely can be considered a home. A home is, or at least should be, a house with a heart inside.

In houses, children are reared, while in homes they are trained up by parents who find it important and necessary to spend time with their children in the home. A home should be a retreat where a son or daughter can return in triumph or defeat, in victory or disgrace, and still know that they will be welcomed and loved. As adults we need to understand we can't expect our children to listen to our advice and ignore our example. The home needs to be a place where our loved ones can feel loved and content. You may live in a house now, but with a little effort it can still be turned into a home. Home should be a place where the great are small, and the small are great!

Our houses shouldn't be a pit stop where Mom or Dad or brother or sister are just passing through. It will never be a home like that, family needs quality time together. Turn off the phone, the TV and talk about what's happening in everybody's life. You may be surprised at what you hear, and your children will look back with fond memories on these special times together. The most important things in your home are people, adults and youngsters. Take care of each other and treat each child as they are, a gift from God. A house is built by hands, but a home, a home is built by hearts. Have a good week, stay safe and stay blessed!

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