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Behind the Badge

From out of nowhere comes a thank you
By Larry G. Spence

We were having "one of those weeks" those that tend to appear every now and then. Nothing seemed to be going right for us. We had lost some jailers to the prison, some returning to their old jobs, others trying something new, but it had left us with four vacancies. Now, I've never been one to keep an employee from trying to better themselves, however I do expect the employee to give us a little time to look for a replacement. Most of those leaving gave two weeks notice, others gave less and it put us in a bind trying to find people to fill those vacancies. We have filled some, but not all at this writing. On top of that we were experiencing some thefts and burglaries, mostly in the Western part of the County, that had to be worked on as well. We had been doing well in clearing some cases, but that takes time to get cases together and presented to the DA's office in a timely manner. It just seemed everywhere we turned there was a problem of sorts and no solutions were being presented. It was beginning to get pretty frustrating.

For years now we've tried to do the best with what has been given us to work with, but with all that goes on these days, it is difficult to get everything done, and keep everybody happy, and still provide the services that are expected of us. I was slowly descending into my own little pity party. I am a man of faith, and I know that God is still in charge and He will take care of things, but I also know He wants us to do our part, and lately, that has been hard to accomplish. So, I was down on myself and complaining to God concerning just about everything, when a breath of fresh air arrived in the mail.

Our department received in the mail a letter addressed as follows: TO ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES ACROSS THE USA The contents of the letter read:" Our family wishes to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your dedication and service. In spite of all the restrictions put on law enforcement you still put on your uniform and go out every day to every call and put your life on the line to protect our families and communities. Our society would not survive without your service." The letter said in closing, "Please stay safe and watch over your Brother and Sisters! We pray daily for your safety. God Bless You! It was signed, John and Barbara Giarretta, From a Family that cares!

Attached to the letter was an information sheet stating they had sent out letters to Law Enforcement Agencies in each state, trying to reach as many officers as possible. So far they had sent out over 7,000 letters such as the one I received. I hope they came in the nick of time like ours did. God hears our prayers. God Bless the Giarrettas and others like them! Until next time. Stay safe and stay blessed!

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