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Please!! - - No more VA Hospitals!

Two weeks ago we published a news release from State Senator Fddie of Brownsville in which he cited the delays experienced by local veterans seeking medical care as a reason to build a new VA hospital in the Rio Grande Valley.

I hate to disagree with Senator Lucio, but I believe building a new VA hospital in the Rio Grande Valley would be a really bad idea. In fact building a new VA hospital anywhere would be a really bad idea. What needs to be done instead is to sell all of the existing VA hospitals to private hospitals so that they can regain the tax dollars wasted on building them and staffing them.

Any VA hospitals that can't be sold should be torn down.

Why do I say that? Do I hate veterans?

Of course not, but the truth is the federal government can't run anything efficiently, not the postal service, not social security and certainly not the healthcare system for veterans, or for anyone else.

Anything the federal government touches is full of fraud, waste and abuse. VA hospitals have been providing lousy service for many years to our veterans who deserve a whole lot better.

At the Phoenix VA hospital 40 veterans died in the past year while waiting for an appointment to see a doctor. And the VA patients wait time in the Rio Grande Valley is the worst in the nation. Why in the world would we want to build more VA hospitals?

The easy, obvious answer is to give veterans tax paid vouchers so that they can be treated at the closest private hospital. The reason congressmen like federal solutions to problems better served by private companies, is that it gives them power to manage our lives.

The problems veterans are now having getting health care are the same problems that await us all under Obama Care. If you or your loved ones need surgery to save your life federal bureaucrats will decide if you get surgery-or not. If you are beyond the age of 60 and if the procedure is expensive -- you might as well begin making your funeral plans now.

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