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Out of the Mouths of Babes

Children are a real blessing to parents, and they are always doing or saying things that get our attention rather quickly. These things can be funny, frightening, or even embarrassing. We’ve all encountered situations like these while raising our families. I remember one time a group of us took some kids to AstroWorld and one of my own wandered off […]

Editorial Opinion:

Willacy County has lost a good friend, Judge Simon Salinas will be missed by many

I always liked Judge Salinas. He was a good county judge and a proud resident of Sebastian. We were almost the same age and shared many similar experiences. In 1957 when I was working in Austin, starving two weeks of every month on my $60 salary, unknown to me, Simon was doing the same thing a few blocks away. As […]

Cotton Market Weekly

March 5, 2009

Plunging equities in the face of continuously waning investor confidence dragged cotton futures on the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) to 14-week lows on Monday. Despite another encouraging U.S. export report on Thursday, the market continued on its downward path. As expected, USDA’s export report provided yet another point of proof that because U.S. cotton is the cheapest in the world it […]

Dormant season grazing management

Volatile markets and a slumping economy have ranchers looking for ways to lower their risks. Typically, three things are discussed in this type of economic climate: cutting costs, cutting costs, and cutting costs. Often, the first place a ranching operation will look at will be feed costs. Cutting back the amount of supplemental feed and hay in an operation can […]

TDA Market Recap – March 9, 2009

AUSTIN – (March. 9, 2009) For the week ending March 7, 2009, feeder cattle prices at Texas auctions were again uneven and up and down the board, from $4 lower to mostly steady to $7 higher. Fed cattle cash prices were near unchanged. Uncertainties about future beef demand and volatile grain prices pressured cattle markets. Cotton cash prices were unchanged […]



EVERY TUESDAY AFTERNOON SOME OF THE GATEWAY WOMEN can be found in the rec hall working on quilts. Some sew, some press pieces and others tie. Since 2002 the women have made 471 quilts. 272 were given to Child Protective Services in Raymondville and 134 were given to Ronald McDonald House in Harlingen. They gave 41 to the nursing home […]


GEORGE GALINDO was recognized as one of the six Valley DAR High School Award recipients and was recognized for this award when he was in Middle School as well. Shown, left to right, George Galindo and Myra Green Middle School Counselor. Mrs. Leticia Rodriguez. Mrs. Rodriguez was there at the MMA Luncheon to support the Myra Green Middle School nominee […]


ST. PATRICK’S NEW CATHOLIC CHURCH IN LASARA will be completed hopefully by the end of May. On Sunday, March 15th, there will be a BBQ Chicken dinner and a drawing to help raise funds to purchase the pews. This will take place on the Church grounds on Hwy. 1015 South of the existing parish hall at 12 noon. All are […]


PREPARING FISH PLATES- The Raymondville Rotary Club held a fish fry fundraiser at The First United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall last Friday. Plans are to hold another fish fry in the near future according to Frank Torres president of the local club. Shown are Rotary Anns and volunteer workers preparing the fish plates.