2019-10-30 E-Edition


A CREW FROM THE TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION and contractors resurfaces Business Highway 77 (South Seventh Street) in Raymondville on Tuesday.

Entire Lyford Police Department quits, city commissioners plan chief interviews Monday

Lyford’s police department is now down to zero, no chief, no officers, no reserves. On Monday, city commissioners voted to accept the resignation of Acting Chief Merced Rodriguez. Willacy County Sheriff’s Detective Sgt. Andrew Maldonado said Rodriguez has accepted a position as a patrol deputy with the sheriff’s department. So has former Lyford officer Nora Lisa Zepeda. On Monday, City […]

Capital murder trial of Juan Manuel Tobias Jr. upcoming in Hidalgo County’s 206th state District Court

Jury selection for the accused killer of a Raymondville woman will begin Feb. 24 in a Hidalgo County district court with trial to follow, court records state. Juan Manuel Tobias Jr., an illegal alien from Mexico who was living in Raymondville, faces two charges related to the death of his girlfriend, Nora Rodriguez (Conde) Villalobos, whose body was found south […]

Lyford High School band on way to state competition for first time since 2015

Tears could be seen on spectators’ faces as the Lyford Marching Band played TAPS as part of their 2019 USO Tour at the UIL 3A Area E Marching Competition at the A.C. Jones High School Veterans Memorial Stadium in Beeville, last Saturday. The band competed against 31, 3A bands in the Prelims and won first place among 12 bands chosen […]

Successful fundraiser for Sheriff Larry Spence exceeded all expectations

Sheriff Larry Spence said a barbecue benefit held Saturday in the parking lot of American Legion Post 390 in downtown Raymondville to help him fight off mounting medical expenses was “a humbling experience.” Over 1,000 people came to pay a quick visit and carry away chicken barbecue plates, said Spence, one of the longest-serving sheriffs in the Lone Star State. […]


Pooh says it all

When my kids were very young, each of them had a favorite movie that we viewed over and over (and over). As I watched replay after replay I noted the shows had a few things in common. They were animated productions made by Disney and embedded in their storylines were life lessons that served as a benefit not only to […]


JOSE ALFREDO JIMENEZ (1921-1973), one of Mexico’s actors, best singers and prolific songwriters, is buried in Dolores Hidalgo, Mexico. “El Rey,” “Ella” and “Que Bonito Amor” are three of his numerous hits worldwide. Shown is Maricela G. Suarez.

RHS Band Booster Meeting

There will be a Raymondville Band Booster meeting on Tuesday, November 5, at 6:00 p.m., in the Band Hall, One Bearkat Blvd., Raymondville.

Behind the Badge

It’s getting late early

The title of this week’s column was spoken by the great New York Yankee Hall of Fame catcher, Yogi Berra. You could probably fill a small book with his quotes. Another one is “Okay, you guys pair up in threes.” Probably his best quote was “Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical.” Yogi is no longer […]